Feeding Chickens

A chicken’s natural diet consists of cereals, seeds, berries, plants and various small creatures, such as worms, slugs and snails. When chickens are allowed to scratch around freely, they will eat anything and will decide for themselves what they need. For chickens that are kept in a coop, it is essential that they are fed a varied diet to keep them in peak condition. Given that these chickens cannot decide for themselves what to eat it is necessary to supply sensible, well-balanced feed of good quality. Teurlings offers a full range of chicken feed for all phases of life. Besides a complete feed, chickens also need to have access to grit (source of calcium for a strong eggshell), stomach stones (for grinding the feed in the gizzard) and a daily supply of fresh drinking water.

Teurlings Hobby Chicken Feed

Teurlings has complemented its range of chicken feed in bulk packaging with chicken feed in small packaging for enthusiasts with just a few chickens. Teurlings Hobby comprises ready-to-use chicken feed that is easy to use since there is nothing for you to add. The Hobby line is made from basic products enriched with a variety of tasty and healthy extras. Good, value-for-money feed for your garden chickens.

Teurlings Ready-to-Use Chicken Feed has been tested by Hans L. Schippers. Hans L. Schippers is a well-known author of animal books, including several about chickens, and an enthusiastic international poultry specialist, expert and inspector in the field of small livestock, hobby animals and farmyard animals. “Nice, extremely varied chicken feed ready to use. All that’s left for you to do is to supply fresh drinking water. I had no trouble switching to this feed. My Holland chickens and my Barnevelders particularly enjoy it. It really does contain everything: grains, seeds, grit and stomach stones. Tasty eggs on a daily basis (with a strong eggshell) and healthy, too, thanks to omega-3 fatty acids.”

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Teurlings Hobby Snacks

Variety of treats for chickens and ornamental birds. These treats are not just a tasty snack between meals, they also make up for any deficiencies in your chickens’ diet and keep them active. There are different types so you can vary what you give. A few of the treats can be fed by hand, and with patience and attention your animals may become tame enough to take them from you.

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