The range of rabbit and rodent food has been updated and improved.

Teurlings Top Quality - mixed feed

Teurlings Top Quality is a perfectly balanced and complete line of foods for rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents. The varied mixed food for herbivores ((dwarf) rabbits and guinea pigs) is 100% grain-free. With Timothy hay and alfalfa as sources of fibre. The long fibres promote good digestion. As well as proteins of vegetable origin, the Top Quality rodent food also contains proteins from animal sources. With no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial colourings. Suitable for hobby and sport.

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Teurlings Quality - mixed feed

The Teurlings Quality line is a complete food that has been formulated to meet the nutritional needs of each individual animal. All mixed foods in the Q line contain omega 3. The fatty acids ensure a healthy and glossy coat. The mixes are composed of heat-treated cereals and promote good digestion. Suitable for hobby.

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Teurlings Basic - mixed feed

Teurlings Basic is a complete feed that is characterised by excellent value for money. Suitable for hobby and sport.

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