Teurlings becomes Deli Nature

We have decided to use the Deli Nature Hobby X-line brand for marketing bulk packs of all granular, meal and crumb products for park animals, poultry and other small livestock, and rabbits and rodents.

Within the segment for park animals and small livestock, and certainly for the waterfowl, Deli Nature is a leading and premium brand in the market. The amalgamation of the two brands has certainly taken this into account: the strongest aspects of the Teurlings range have been incorporated in the Deli Nature Hobby X-line.

Starting in April 2019, Deli Nature Hobby X-line will bring “the best of two brands”! The merger will ensure an even more extensive and comprehensive assortment with the strong advantages from both brands.

Teurlings becomes Deli Nature

Teurlings (info@teurlings.nl)
Deli Nature (info@delinature.be).

Website Deli Nature: http://www.delinature.be/en/